Infrastructure and Application Provisioning Solutions for Hybrid Clouds and Baremetal.

Solutions for Monitoring Application Workloads in AWS, vCenter and Kubernetes Environments.

Solutions for Usage, Price, Security Analysis and Field Device Diagnostics.

Data Center Profiling and Sizing Solutions.

Our Solutions

SnappyFlow APM

Application Performance Management of workloads in Kubernetes and Hybrid Clouds.

Workload Profiling & Sizing Solutions

Data Center Profiling and Sizing Solutions for vCenter, SCVMM and Bare Metal Environments.

Baremetal Management

PXE Boot and BIOS bring up of Multi-Vendor Server Clusters. Includes DevOps, Monitoring and Console based access.

Big Data Telemetry and Analysis

Architect, Build and Manage a Big Data Pipeline for Telemetry and Field Data Diagnostics.