MapleLabs is a preferred services partner of Cisco. We offer the following services for Cisco's Nexus Data Broker(NDB) Product:

NDB Deployment Services
  • Assess customer requirements and environment
  • Design scalable visibility fabric
  • Deploy NDB solution
NDB Solution Validation Services
  • Validate NDB architecture, design and network as per customer requirements
  • Validate use cases in customer or lab environments
  • Qualify Nexus OS and NDB software versions prior to production roll out
NDB Training Services
  • Train customer personnel to be self-reliant in performing day2 operations
  • Customized training to align with customer specific use cases
  • Offered in-person at customer premises or remote

Nexus Data Broker Overview

Cisco Nexus Data Broker offers a simple, scalable, and cost-effective monitoring solution for high-volume and business-critical traffic. It provides security, compliance, application-performance measurement, and real-time traffic visibility with an event-based approach. This software-defined packet broker approach is available for Cisco Nexus 3000 and 9000 series data center switches.

Cisco Nexus Data Broker with Cisco Nexus Switches provides a software-defined, programmable solution to aggregate copies of network traffic using Switched Port Analyzer (SPAN) or network Test Access Point (TAP) for monitoring and visibility. As opposed to traditional network taps and monitoring solutions, this packet-brokering approach offers a simple, scalable and cost-effective solution that is well-suited for customers who need to monitor higher-volume and business-critical traffic for efficient use of security, compliance, and application performance monitoring tools.

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