In the context of application modernization / B2B SaaS / Cloud, Enterprises need to focus on:

Improving skill levels
  • In-house skills can be augmented using industry experts which lower the training and development efforts required to bring the resource up to speed while working on the project
Becoming more agile
  • Companies with an agile culture that embraces and adapts to change, can turn uncertainty into opportunity, and flourish when other businesses fail
Implementing efficient operating procedures
  • Enterprises need to develop an operational backbone that includes standard processes and shared applications, data and technology

Our Approach

Helps achieve desired outcomes

Companies invest in tools but that is only half of the equation. You need a mature practice that encompasses all elements such as understanding the application context, to creating the right dashboards and the necessary alert notification to triage issues faster.

The journey from tools to expected outcomes is long and tedious. MapleLabs, with its deep expertise in application performance engineering and monitoring solutions can jumpstart this journey.

How do we do it

SRE Ops Service offering

Journey from tools to desired outcomes is tedious. We can help you become best-in-class SRE shop by:

  1. Our expertise in APM solutions
  2. Our deep knowledge of Performance engineering
  3. Engaging in a services model

Case study

Maplelabs owns the SRE function for a next-generation Enterprise monetization platform powering SaaS billing. We took over the monitoring function for the existing application environment that runs on Oracle WebLogic and Oracle Database on Oracle cloud. Our services cover all aspects such as identifying the right dashboards to build, building custom dashboards and reducing dashboard clutter as well as creating the right alert notifications for the development teams to troubleshoot production issues as they arise.

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